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Mako Reels in the media

An Interview with Jack Charlton - Fly Reels R Us: read the article here click the photos to enlarge

Mako Reel Review - read the article here

Customer Testimonials

Hi Jack,

Merry Christmas to you and your family. All the best, great health and business. Your reels are amazing, worked like a charm.I had a 90 pound GT running away for 350-400 yards with drag in almost full force. Reel was hot, but brake was perfect and hold it all the way. Thank you for your work !

Matvey Ivanov
Matvey I


Today has been a very great day.... your reel, it speaks of craftsmanship! The 9500 is perfect on my 9 weight. I've been very lucky to own some nice spinning reels from Zeebaas and Van Staal, but no reel like the Mako. I like well made, quality gear, and the Mako makes everything else pale in comparison. Job well done and THANK YOU so much Jack!

-Regards and many thanks
James Shin
New Jersey, USA
James S

Jack, I got my reels the other day. Suffice it to say, they were worth the wait. The workmanship is clearly beautiful and meticulous. On the surface, they are a significant notch above any other reels I have put my hands on. I have a couple Rolexes with more manufacturing blemishes/inconsistencies than these reels. Put my 9600 and 9500 through their paces in Florida this spring. Landed my first two 100+lb tarpon: one on an 11 wt with the 9600, the other on a 10wt with the 9500. Both reels were fantastic, though the large diameter of the 9600 was a definite advantage. Numerous other fish were caught, from Snook and reds, to lemon sharks on the flats. I just wanted to thank you for a fine product, and I had no mechanical failures whatsoever (the angling skill is another subject). I am sure my next reel will, of course, be another Mako.

All the best,

Jake Battle
Texas - USA
Jake B


My new 9550 10/12 Type III arrived today. I'm really pleased with the reel, the build quality is fantastic and the type 3 anodize finish looks fantastic. This reel is a nice addition to the Original Charlton Signature Series 8500.8 that i've owned for some years.

It is a pleasure to own such a quality product, i've shown both of my Charltons reel to a couple of people who know nothing about fishing or fishing reels, both of whom have a background in design/engineering. Both were very impressed with the design and build quality of the reel and said "I know nothing about fishing, but that is a beautiful piece of kit". I look forward to testing the new Mako out as soon as i get a chance, as i live in the Channel Islands in the United Kingdom there isn't much decent fly rod game in our waters, but a trip to Florida in the next year or so should really test the reel out, till then i'm just happy to have it as a collector.

Thanks Once again

Tom Marshall
Tom M

Hello Jack:
You may not remember me, but we met in Livingston when you first started. I started Osprey Driftboats a few years before then. I bought one of your first reels, a model 8400. Now I don't chase salt water trophys, but have used this reel extensively since "93" and its going strong into this century, fifeteen years later. I'll test it out this year on Oregon steelhead. Thanks for building such a solid system.
best regards,
Cove, OR

carl s

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