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MattHarrisTarpon4CubaMako9600 MattHarrisAtlanticSalmon33lbRussiaMako9600 MattHarrisPermit3Mako9550 MattHarrisSailfish2CasaViejaGuatemala MattHarrisTarponCuba
MattHarrisSailfishCasaViejaGuatemala MattHarris16lbRainbowTroutLagoStrobel MattHarris12lbBrownTroutNZ MattHarrisTarpon2Mako9600 MattHarrisPermit2Mako9500
MattHarrisTarponMako9600 MattHarrisPermitMako9500 Astove%2C%20Seychelles%2C%202015%20%22Trigger%20Fish%22 GT TAMER mako%20at%20Sunrise
TAKEJI AMEKU Louisiana Blackdrum 50Lb TAKEJI's okinawan Permit with 9500 TAKEJI caught permit with MAKO9500 in okinawa RED BULLS Vs stealth 9550 Golden Trev Exmouth Gulf
Cobia Exmouth Gulf 42lb GT Ningaloo Lady Mako Lady Mako Lady Mako
Blue on Platinum Blue on Platinum Blue on Platinum Mako Caps Mako Visor
Mako Key Chain Tarpon Cook Island GT  9700 Long tail exmouth GT caught in St Francios Attoll
9600 in action, Hologram Flat, Alphonse, Seychelles GT caught in St Francios Attoll Astove GT El Pescador, Belize Tarpon on Mako 9550 Cosmoledo, Seychelles
MAKO RENEDEVOUZ GT ON MAKO 50lb Giant Trevally -- Alphonse Island, 17 March 2014 Arapaima vs mako 9550 Trigger
Bulls in the LA marsh Christmas Blue One of three Geets of that hour. Poon  July 11  2013 Nice GT
Bumphead Parrot fosh Bumphead Parrot fosh NC Amberjack - 9550 10-12 Backcountry Tarpon - 9550 8-10 NC Albacore on Topwater - 9550 8-10
NC Albacore - 9550 8-10 TAKEO's okinawan permit with 9500 Bolivia Gold TAKEO caught permit with MAKO9500 in okinawa CRAIG AND MUSKIE
Andy Baia and 9500 with a nice Mexican permit permit and 9500 in Caribbean freeze Mikko Hautanen with a monster tarpon mako 9700 guatemala sail 150 lb Tom Hradecky with a Seychelles barracuda
Double header of Christmas Island GTs Blanton Sar-Mul-Mac on MAKO reel Dan Blanton with Loreto dorado on MAKO reel Rompin Sailfish my first permit
Big Tarpon landed at MAKO 9600B Vladimir Voronkov with a lovely dark Guatamalan sailfish caught with a 9700 Fighting Longtail Tuna in Exmouth Longtail tuna from Exmouth Mac tuna from Exmouth
Moto Nakamura with a dorado 90cm Spotted Mackerel caught on 9500 90cm Spotted Mackerel caught on 9500 Night Brawler - South African surf GT 0n Mako 9600 Big milkfish from Exmouth, Western Australia using a 9550
Milkfish caught in Exmouth, Western Australia Mike Lazarus Rudd Corwin Mike Lazarus Graceland
9500 Fla. Beach Snook YFT on 9600B Sea Trout -- TdF Argentina.  9600s Sea Trout -- TdF Argentina.  9600s Sea Run Brown Trout -- Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
West Australian longtail tuna caught with a 9500 125cm West Australian Cobia using a 9500 Bill Nevins - Yucatan Tom Champine's little Tuna Sandy River Quarry
RIO GRANDE  SEABROWN TROUT Mako Stealth GT Lemon shark on a Mako reel Grey Sweetlip on 9500 5hr 10min 12wt Bluefin battle- rod snapped at the boat, but not the reel.
Judy Charlton's 100# Sail Matvey Ivanov's 90# GT Nathaniel's 150# Lemon Shark Bill Mitchell's Golden Travally Gary Cordovano Tuna
Voltzy 9550 Golden Geoff Volter - 9550 Cobia Bob Popovics 30# Sriper Charles Smid Mako 9600S - British Coilumbia British Columbia Reward
Nathaniel's 21 Pounder - 9700S Big Pine Key bonefish on 9500 Dave Stefanini Quarry A Tale of Two Reels Gary Jennings Guatemala Sail
Matvey Ivanov - Seychelles The Nice Ali Moayedi Dorado on his West Australian Permit from Exmouth Gulf Canadian Darren Soice with nice Permit
Juha Vainio in Cuba Mako taking a break from GTs Barramundi tamed by Mako Another tamed GT Jari's Makos stop the BIG GTs flat
Masao Takahashi GT at Christmas Island Corin Smith in Seychelles Jari's GT Mako Arsenal Jari Arffman 6 Jerry Jenkins - Tough day in the Seychelles
GT on Mako 9600 at Bugatti Reef Wesley Pang's Golden Travally on 9550 Family of Makos Ali Moayedi's California Tuna Jari's little beauty
Great Shot Maurizio! Gary Jennings Louisana Lovely Thomas Hinnerskov Wahoo Rudnick '08 Plate Island, Seychelles
Vladimir Voronkov with 9600 Tarpon Vineyard Haven Mako Keefer on the Grande Ronde Amberjack on 9550 Jono cradling some Exmouth gold
Roger Hall Monomoy Rip 22# Striper/ Mako 9500 Chris Carter - Biscayne Bone Tom Champine and friend Venezuela with Mako Exmouth Gulf queenfish
West Australian salmon on a 9500 Scott Bennett and 9700B Stealth Ilkka Paatero with Angolan Dorado M. Nadalin with Golden from Hinchenbrook Channel Keefer and Guide
Keefer Meranto Strikes again Family of Makos Family of Makos What a Parrot Jari Arffman 7
Jari Arffman 5 Jari Arffman 4 Jari Arffman 3 Jari Arffman's Seychelles Expedition George Smith's Charlton/Mako traveling system
Safe and Sound 9700 and 9500 9700 detail showing spool machining 9700 spool and handle 9700 spool
9700 handle detail 9700 engraving 9700 Bluewater in all black Migrating Block Island Bass MTK Striper
9600 Poon Toyooki Sonoda 41 inch Striper on Mako 9500 Double Handed Dean River Doe Simon Chu (NZ) pre release of a trevally on the 9500 Ed Janiga uses 9550 in Alaska
cape york australia cobia cape york australia cobia 9500 brought this bad boy in smooth as silk! Jake Battle's large Tarpon on 9600 Just another day at the Mako office
Jens Christiansen's Gaula River Pot of Gold Tuna Mission - Washington Coast 16lbs of Christmas Island milkfish tamed using a 9500 Aitutaki bonefish christens the 9500 Gary Topche with Mako 9500 and 10 pound Blue
#9550 at work Hohb Snipes, AJ on #9550 Odd K Pettersen - First Salmon on Mako - River of Maalselv, Troms 44 inch AJ on 20 pound tippet Bill Driscoll with nice Mako caught Tarpon
Peter McCarthy 40 inch Striper 9600B Heading for Action. Brent Chandler stalks Tarpon You make the call. Don Butler 25 pound Redfish on Mako #9500
Form, Fit and Function Suzanne Schmidt Goldstein with 200 + pound Striped Marlin on 20 pound tippet, (Mako #9550 -1012) Better Picture 40 pound Redfish on #9500-810 Chuck Laughridge with 30# AJ on Mako #9550 From Russia with Love
Sasa Savic in Russia using Mako 9600 Jens Christiansen's Green Highlander fly on Mako 9550 on the Rocks of Block Island Mako on the river Gaula, Norway Do these Stripes make my butt look fat?
John Cole Sail on calibrated Mako 9600 Keefer Meranto with Amazon Peacock with 9550 Jono Shales lifting a yellowfin on a 9550 and 12wt Jono Shales with a Sydney Yellowfin Tuna on a 9550 Black and Gold 9550 loaded up
Jono Shales with a Fraser Island longtail tuna All Black 9600 Stealth All Black 9600 Stealth All Black 9600 Stealth Stealth Mako 9550 compared with the Signature Series Charlton
Sailfish taken with Mako 9600 in Guatamala Kevin Stull with his first bonefish on his new 9550 John Williams with a West Australian spangled emperor caught using a 9500 Jono Shales with a Sydney Harbour kingfish using a 9500 Feeding bluefin
Sailfish Blue marlin Sailfish Mako shark 9550 takes a Dunking
9550 in all black Alaskan beauty on 9550 Jerry Jenkins 9550 9550 in Alaska 9550 in all black
9550 all Platinum 9550 before anodizing Mako 9600 ready for some serious saltwater action Sailfish caught on Mako 9600 Sailfish caught on Mako 9600
Sailfish caught on Mako 9600 9550 fully sealed carbon drag assembly 9600 in all black 9600 arbour 9500 and 9600 in all black
9600 in all black 9600 12+ spool 9550 with 810 spool in all black Close up of the machining of a 9600 spool 9500 & 9600 in all black
Close up of the drag knob in all black type 3 anodize

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